Last night I had a dream and so my mom entered me and my sister into a fashion show, and the directors of the fashion show gave each girl a dress with a cartoon animal on it. My sister got a turtle and I got a raccoon lol. So we went to this music store for something (idk what) my mom and my sister went to the store next door and me and my dad were still in the music store. A few minutes after we were looking around, the cashier asked us if I was in the fashion show. We both said yes and the cashier jumped over the counter where he was standing and started chasing us with a knife. He was about to stab my dad but I went behind Steve (the cashier) and took the knife from his hand. I tossed it to my dad and when he caught it and was about to stab him when Steve took the knife from him. We decided to just run back to the building where the fashion show was held. My sister and I were just finishing getting ready when Steve jumped on the runway with the knife. My sister saw him and ran on the runway and hit him with a frying pan. After that I woke up.

Have you ever just like, really really REALLY loved something? Like, you loved it so much you just wanted to just marry it? I mean in all seriousness, you had to be thinking of the following while reading: food, bed, sleeping, tumblr, instagram, your computer, or the internet.